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One of the priorities of the Women’s Commission is to advocate on issues such as violence against women and girls, trafficking, Bible education and families.

Domestic Abuse

The WEA established the Christian Network to End Domestic Abuse (CNEDA) in 2020, in response to the warning increase in domestic abuse that came as a result of Covid lockdowns.

CNEDA is a global network sharing resources, hearing from people on the ground and encouraging churches to be informed about domestic abuse. They have run a campaigning event since 2022, called Red Chair Project which is a great way to introduce facts about domestic abuse and to encourage prayerful action.

You can find out more at their webpage.

They hold quarterly calls for women and men who want to connect and learn more and pray.

If you want to know more, or you want to join the network. please contact Katie

CNEDA and the Womens Commission produced a booklet on Healthy Relationships in 2021, to promote good teaching and encourage churches to take informed action.

Human Trafficking

Women in India, Pakistan and across Europe are taking action to end trafficking and to promote safety and dignity for all women and girls.

We are linked to the World Freedom Network.

Women in different parts of the world take action on a range of topics: 

  • Asian women have run several webinars on widowhood.
  • Latin American women campaign on pro-life issues.
  • Women have campaigned on FGM in Africa.
  • Women in the Caribbean have media campaigns on domestic abuse.

In all these things, the responsible networks cover all their work with prayer, to reflect God’s heart for justice.

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