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The Women's Commission of the Latin Evangelical Alliance (AEL Mujer)

The VISION of the Alianza Evangélica Latina Mujer is to be a body that facilitates, promotes and strengthens the spiritual growth, unity and participation of the Latino evangelical female sector in the church and society according to the word of God.

 The MISSION of the Alianza Evangélica Latina Mujer is to work in each member country seeking to be an instrument of unity, representation and integral improvement of Latin evangelical women; identifying their different problems and giving them work-tools to fulfill the different roles in which they work.

The AEL Mujer was founded 2018. The photos are from the first and second international conference. During the 2023 conference in Bolivia the women celebrated the “Day of the Family” with a prayer time and received an official recognition from a Parliamentarian deputy.

The AEA Women Commission

The AEA Women’s Commission Journey(2021-2024) wants to cover four Kingdom Focused Areas:

  1. Women empowerment and leadership. Women – a majority in local churches, a minority in leadership.
  2. Start a Family Discipleship Movement – in partnership with the AEA Children’s Commission.
  3. Domestic abuse prevention – with an AEA Stop Abuse Conference in March 2024.
  4. Plead for the widows and fatherless – Widows Connect Asia

The Women’s Commission of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship Malaysia are celebrating a Christmas Thanksgiving, honoring all their leaders, speakers and panelists, who are doing the regular online talks for women.

Hope for Europe – Women in Leadership

Network within the European Evangelical Alliance

The Women in Leadership network is holding European conferences every second year since 1995. The 2023 conference was hold in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The gathering ended with an open evangelistic day. 60 women from all over this small country followed the invitation. 

After the falling down of the Berlin Wall“ in Germany and the „Iron Curtain“ in Eastern Europe, Christian initiatives took up the challenge of shaping Europe’s new future. 1994, after a “Round Table“ with several of these initiatives, they decided to create an umbrella, which should function as framework for cooperative action, with the name “Hope for Europe”. The first network which started under this umbrella was Women in Leadership,

  • to inspire, encourage and equip women to fulfill the purposes of God for their lives.
  • to model how God can use women in a variety of ways.
  • to challenge European women leaders to bring the transforming power of the Gospel
    to Europe and to every nation within it.


Co-Workers and Co-Leaders

This book has been written by women and men to help train others in biblical leadership and practical skills in leading, especially to equip Christian women in their calling to be leaders.

Co-Workers and Co-Leaders - Trailer


In this magazine the reader will encounter articles that focus on uplifting women in persecution, humanitarian work, search for justice, church planting and concerning domestic violence.

Wake up, rise in strength

This booklet offers a program of activities and teachings to equip Christian women to understand their calling to be leaders.

Gender or Giftedness

Lynn Smith has written this still actual book decades ago, upon request of the WEA, as response to the question: “Does gender determine ministry or does ministry flow out of call and giftedness?”

A Biblical View of Relationships to End Domestic Abuse

An international team of WEA women formed a taskforce on domestic abuse. The result, this document, frames this topic as a first priority in understanding and dealing with “the immense and sinful problem of abuse”.

Women’s Commission Webinar

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