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Co-Workers and Co-Leaders

This book has been written by women and men to help train others in biblical leadership and practical skills in leading, especially to equip Christian women in their calling to be leaders.

Co-Workers and Co-Leaders - Trailer


In this magazine the reader will encounter articles that focus on uplifting women in persecution, humanitarian work, search for justice, church planting and concerning domestic violence.

Wake up, rise in strength

This booklet offers a program of activities and teachings to equip Christian women to understand their calling to be leaders.

Gender or Giftedness

Lynn Smith has written this still actual book decades ago, upon request of the WEA, as response to the question: “Does gender determine ministry or does ministry flow out of call and giftedness?”

A Biblical View of Relationships to End Domestic Abuse

An international team of WEA women formed a taskforce on domestic abuse. The result, this document, frames this topic as a first priority in understanding and dealing with “the immense and sinful problem of abuse”.

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