who we are

We want to equip Christian women in every sphere of life - church, community, family and business - to contribute effectively to God’s purposes and plans. We aim to encourage and connect women leaders of all ages to develop their gifting and talent, to act strategically and be a voice on issues impacting women and girls. The Women’s Commission is a network of the World Evangelical Alliance and has links to over 500 million when across the globe.

Who We Are

We want to develop Godly leadership in women so they are confidently using their gifts and contributing fully to the life of the Church
We want to see sound Biblical literacy on gender and equality
We want to respond to issues affecting women and girls such as family, violence, trafficking, persecution and health
We want to encourage men and women to work together, appreciating and championing each other.
We are a network and provide space for women from many different traditions and organisations to come together to learn from, and resource, each other.
We are a founding partner of Rise in Strength (riseinstrength.net) which is a platform for women in international leadership.
The Call to All Christians is a prophetic statement setting out what evangelical women across the world want to declare about the experiences of women and girls. 
It was endorsed by the World Evangelical Alliance General Assembly in 2019.
It is available in 9 languages.
The Women’s Commission of the WEA operates in 8 regions – Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East/North Africa, North America, and the Pacific. 
We work with evangelical alliances and also partner with groups from the wider Christian community.
We have a volunteer International Team of around 20 women leaders who guide the values and work of the Women’s Commission and contribute effective strategies. 
We are honoured to work with the Anti-trafficking Taskforce of the WEA, with organisations doing valuable research on religious persecution and various theological colleges.



Irene Muthoni Kibagendi (Kenya), Executive Director of PACWA (Pan African Christian Women Alliance)
irene (at) aeafrica.org, irenemk4625 (at) yahoo.com


Grace Hee (Malaysia), Executive Director of the Women’s Commission 
May Pan Lynn (Myanmar), Chairperson of the Women’s Commission
aeawomen (at) gmail.com


Sandra Martin (Antigua), Executive Director of the EAC Women’s Commission
liz_martin62 (at) yahoo.com 


Elya Sorokina (Uzbekistan), contact-person of the Women’s Commission 
elyasorokina84 (at) gmail.com


Elke Werner (Germany), Chair of the EEA Women in Leadership Network
Hannelore Illgen (Germany), Co-Chair of the EEA Women in Leadership Network


Fatima Oliva Roca (Bolivia), Coordinator of the Women’s Commission (AEL MUJER)
Cinthia Hieber de Sarubbi (Paraguay), Communication 
olivamfatima (at) icloud.com (Spanish)
cinthiahieber (at) hotmail.com (English)


Nabila Nakhla (Egypt) contact-person of the Women’s Commission
bolbolnakhla (at) gmail.com


North American Evangelical Alliance, The Evangelical Fellowship Canada
Ellen Duffield (Canada), contact-person for the planning of the Canadian Christian Women’s Collaborative Network
ellen.duffield (at) gmail.com
North American Evangelical Alliance, The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE)
Jeanette Salguero (USA), contact-person of the NAE Women’s Commission 
salguerojvs (at) gmail.com


Rachel Taumoepeau (New Zealand), Director of the South Pacific Women’s Commission
rachel (at) forourchildren.org.nz        

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