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Lionesses roar that women’s sport can’t be dismissed

In the UK this week, 17.4 million people watched England’s women beat Germany to win the European football trophy (soccer if you are in the US or Australia).

17.4 million!

Such talent, strength and fitness in the Lioness squad, managed by a talented woman. Now, lots of people are talking about encouraging women and girls to play more sport at every level.

Professional women’s sport has not been around long. When my sister played cricket fifty years ago in Australia, and then gave her time and energy to management and team selection, nearly all women sports stars were amateur. She worked tirelessly to get funds, sponsorship and recognition for international women’s cricket.

It took time to overcome prejudice and sexism. Women cricketers have only been paid full time for the last 10 years.

In football, similar stories of discrimination and lack of opportunity have been all over the news this week – especially the fact that a thriving women’s football competition was banned in 1921, because men decided it was ‘unsuitable’ for women to play. In the last generation, girls and women have played but have been largely ignored.

Now, with a trophy to hold high, the English women are adored!

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