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Training for women leaders is much needed. We have produced a program of cross-cultural activities and Biblical teaching to equip Christian women to understand their calling to be leaders, to help you examine gender and culture from a biblical perspective and develop practical skills in leading.

Wake Up, Rise in Strength

The title of the material refers to Deborah’s song in Judges Ch 5, where Deborah sings of God’s call to rise in strength to defend Israel. God has always used women to lead and inspire – to be strong and obedient to God, just like Deborah and Jael.

The material (available in English) has been written by women and men with many years’ experience in equipping Christians for leadership in ministry.

It includes:

If you are interested in the Women’s Commission providing a facilitator to deliver this material or if you want to find out about possible training in your region, please contact [email protected].

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