action day 2022

A Message for the International Day to End Violence Against Women 2022

Globally, every 11 minutes a woman or girl dies at the hands of an intimate partner or family member.[1]
November 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and this day gives us the chance to speak out, pray and take action in our church, community or organisation.

All you need is a chair and a sign.

The goal of the global action day is to individually and collectively speak out for the women and girls who have lost their lives to violence. God wants us to have loving secure relationships, yet sadly, abuse and violence happens inside the Church. The vast majority of victims are women and girls.

[1] United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (2021)

Let’s change the story!

In the links you will find:
Introduction to our action day – from the simplest idea to a complete service
Posters to download in several languages that you can use on your action day
Prayers from around the world, in several languages
Preaching notes on healthy relationships, in several languages
A church charter that will help your church or organisation be a safe place for survivors of violence

Click on the links and discover how easy it is to speak out, pray and take action.

Resources in English


The Charter

Preaching Notes